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Mrs. Hale…Kate Cambell

Dr. Allen…Isabella Lowe

Dr. Richards…Keira Negrete

Doctor…Ella Hamilton

Nurse…Megan Zhang

The Speaker…Ivy Terranova

Susan’s Father…Michael Cahn

Susan Connor…Bree Ligon

Susan’s Mother…Mandy Tatum

Teacher…Eleni Dimitrakos

Samantha…Kinley Park

Bryan…Taylor Cartago

Bryan’s Friend…TBD

Girl on the Street…TBD

Student Director: Robert Plattner

Stage Managers: Amelia Liptak and Chelsea Gemmer


Sara Comstock

Makena Eggiman

Kat Lindsay

Hayden Long

Chloe Phelps

Mia Ransdell (split)

Lukas Threlkeld

Ella Galde

Emily Gase

Nicole Wong

Olliver Wynne

Nick Carranza

Maci Stemmons (props focus)

Aryn Seidenverg(prop focus)

Jessie Azevedo (split)


Sierra Popst

Caitlin O’Melia

Jolie Cesio

Emma Hedican

Kit Toombs

Avery Helfer

Jessie Azevedo (split)

Hair and Makeup:

Sam Funk

Mary Holton

Caede Davis

Kat Macias

Madeline Weiner

Mia Ransdell (split)


Milly Paulsey

Kari Beck

Kirby Tingley

Lily Peartree

Micah Garcia

Ryan Funk

Erin Yang

Drama Club Executive Board

PRESIDENT - Sara Comstock

Focusing on community building, shows, and other projects

VP External -Michael Cahn

Focusing building the program and strengthening our place in the community!

VP Internal - Bree Ligon

Focusing on productions classes and show based needs

Secretary - Jolie Cesio

Focusing on supporting all programs. Specific jobs include: minutes, programs, and calendar

Treasurer - Sierra Popst; Caitlin O’Melia

Focusing on budget, fundraising, and box office

PR/Marketing - Kinley Park

Focusing on building our digital brand and marketing all aspects of the Drama program

Drama Club Board

Thespian Troupe President/Drama Club: Mandy Tatum

Focusing on building the drama club and expanding our use of the Thespian Program.

Creative Director: Mia Ransdell

Focusing on creating a cohesive vision between all areas of productions.

Dramaturg: Robert Plattner

Focusing on providing the cast and crew with vital knowledge, research, and interpretation about the theatrical work in question so that they are—in turn—better equipped to do their jobs.

Program Projects (Haunted House, Scene Nights, 24 hr) - Isabella Low, Micah Garcia, Makena Eggiman, Lily Peartree

Focusing on Drama Program Projects to support classes, club, and school

Improv Troupe: Hayden Long

Focusing on leading and building Improv Club

As I talked about during class all year, I want to start structuring our program more like an actual theatre company in order to avoid heaping all of the responsibilities onto a few people. Each of these positions will have more specifically defined roles and should make us more efficient! Interested in reading scripts and helping to select shows? Reach out to Connor or Sara. There will be info about this in the next day or two!